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Parallel Lines

  Marjolijn 'LYN' Hannaart  

Marjolijn 'Lyn' Hannaart

1947:                Born Djakarta, Indonesia

1958:                Moved to the Netherlands

1978-1980:    Fine Art Program.

                           Montgomery County Community

                           College, MD, USA 

1981-1982:    Academy of Visual Arts Artibus


1983-1989:    Theater group Plankeniers,

                           set design and costumes.

                           Naarden, Netherlands,

1989-1994:    Designed decorations for several

                           Charity Dinner & Dance parties.

                           Greenwich, CT, USA

1998-2001:    Lived in Bombay, India.

                           Made documentaries about life in

                           India for Dutch TV station RTL4.

2002-2005:    Art courses at

                           92nd street NY, USA

2005- :             Moved to France, Langlade


Washington DC, USA



New York, NY, USA


My Work 

My work is an exploration of the process how we endlessly arrange and rearrange the pieces of memories, emotions, relationships, and experiences that make up our lives.

This includes its uncertainties, randomness, indefinable nature and endless manifestations.

I am motivated by my love of bold colour, pattern, and expressive power of abstract design.

I see the beauty in shapes, textures, and colours that go often unnoticed by the average passer-by. 

When arranging shapes the story evolves. I envision how the composition will illustrate concepts and ideas. 

Colour will establish mood and the placement of shapes and lines imply the situation.

Spontanity of the process is what excites me, because I truly believe: “there are no mistakes ….. there is only your art.”

The pieces are coming to life with their visual dance and tactile qualities, which can be achieved by using different papers, yarns, etc.

My pieces are about coming together, making connections.

If the art I make stirs the viewer to a higher awareness and appreciation of the world around them, then I humbly consider myself to be successful as an artist.


When I attended the Fine Art A.F.A. program at Montgomery County Community College, MD, USA, I took a course in printmaking.  My first works with mixed media were actually soft ground etchings, where I used all kinds of materials.

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